Immunology Module

Functions and disorders of the immune system

Learning Objectives
·         To know the most important principles governing the function of the immune system.
·         To understand how the immune system fight off infectious microbes
·         To understand the regulatory mechanisms that prevent abnormal immune responses
·         To understand the basic mechanisms underlying some immunological (and especially inflammatory) diseases
·         To understand the mechanisms of action of some immune-based therapies

Course organization
Hours of lectures: 18 hours
Number of credits: 4 ECTS

Course material
Recommended textbook:
Abbas and Lichtman: Basic immunology. Functions and disorders of the immune system (3rd edition 2010), Saunders Elsevier. Chapters 1 to 8 (page 1 to 172).
Supplemental materials (articles, slides) will be made available by teachers after their lessons