Medical English Module

Learning Objectives
The programme is designed for medical students in their third year of study who already have a good command of general English (B2-C1). It aims to meet the specific language needs required for participating in the JPEMS and improve their confidence in speaking English through a variety of activities.
The course mainly focuses on developing academic language skills with special emphasis on experimental research report writing, techniques and requirements of scientific oral presentation. The topics are adjusted to the students’ relevant pre-clinical studies.

Why Medical English is becoming so important?
  1. English is the international language used both in written and oral medical communication.English prevails in medical research writing
  1. The knowledge of medical English provides access to a wide range of up to date professional themes for students entering the medical profession

Purpose of this Course

  1. Introduce the concepts of medical terminology.
  2. Provide a straightforward guide to the conventions of scientific writing.
  3. Through model texts the students learn how to make correct choices about rhetorical form, grammatical structure and key vocabulary.

A physician must know

  1. How to master medical terminology.
  2. How to use all relevant written material (the written genres of medicine).
  3. How to communicate professional information and ideas clearly and efficiently in writing.
  4. How to give a concise and enjoyable oral presentation.

Course organization
Total Number of hours: 16h30 hours + time for self-directed learning
Introducing each other: 30 minutes
Terminology studies: 6 hours
Research report writing: 4 hours
Presentation techniques: 2 hours
Individual tutorials: 30mn per student (or more if necessary)
Number of credits: 2 ECTS

Course material
A complete handout will be provided at the beginning of the medical English course to the students. This core syllabus will be designed in collaboration with the different lecturers coming from partner universities.
Powerpoint presentations of the lectures will be given and uploaded on Moodlefor the students.

Assessment and evaluation of the students
Written paper and oral presentation.